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Covid-19 Outbreak Response Plan



Victoria Mews Assisted Living Facility operates in accordance with current guidance from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and State and local guidance for infection prevention for the duration of the current Covid-19 pandemic.


This outbreak plan has been developed based on the requirements outlined in the Directive for the Resumption of Services in Long Term Care Facilities (LTCFs), Assisted Living Residences (ALR), Comprehensive Personal Care Homes, Residential Health Care Facilities, and Dementia Care Homes ( collectively “LTFCs” or “facilities”)-Executive Order No. 20-026, August 10, 2020, N.J.S.A 26:2H-12.87 and CMS 42CFR 483.80.This Outbreak Plan has been approved by the Infection Prevention Committee of Victoria Mews Assisted Living Facility.


The ultimate goals are:

  1. Minimize Covid-19 transmission to residents, healthcare personnel (HCP) and others.
  2. Identify persons with Covid-19 and isolate according to guidelines.
  3. Maximize efficiency of personal protective equipment (PPE) and maintain an adequate emergency stockpile of PPE.
  4. Strategy for the effective and clear communication with staff, residents, their families and guardians regarding the infectious disease outbreak.
  5. Maintaining an adequate Covid-19 testing program for staff and residents.
  6. Staffing plan that provides adequate resources.
  7. Reporting data to the NJHA as required.
  8. Reporting data to CMS, via the NHSN portal as required.
  9. Providing core infection prevention practices that include the education of staff, residents and visitors about Covid-19, current precautions and protective measures, including social distancing and physical separation.
  10. The development of a Respiratory Protection Program.
  11. Revising and developing visitation protocols for visitors and families as required.


Interventions implemented by Victoria Mews regarding a Strategy for effective and clear communication with staff, patients and residents, their families or guardians:

  • Email updates, phone calls, in person meetings with residents, flyers, newsletter, postings, 24hour answering service for questions and complaints. The outbreak will be reported to residents, families and staff within 24 hours and regular updates will follow weekly or more often as needed.
  • Residents will be encouraged and assisted to have phone calls, video communication and any other communication with loved ones that are effective and appropriate throughout the outbreak.


Interventions implemented by Victoria Mews Regarding the Mitigation of Healthcare Personnel Staffing Shortages:

  • Contracts with several staffing agencies updated and expanded.


Continued testing:

  • Weekly testing of all residents until no new facility-onset cases* of Covid-19 are identified among residents and positive cases in staff.
  • Weekly testing of all staff for the duration of the directive.


Interventions implemented by Victoria Mews regarding Core Interventions for Infection Prevention and contracting with a Certified Infection Preventionist/Consultant:

  • Development of Infection Prevention Policies and Procedures, performing environmental rounds, communicable disease surveillance and competency for staff regarding infection prevention practices.
  • Regular environmental rounds.
  • Infection Prevention Quality Indicators: Hand Hygiene Monitoring.
  • Infection Prevention Education- Education on Covid-19 Transmission and Controls, CDC Guidelines, Donning and Doffing of PPE.


Implementation of a Respiratory Protection Program (RPP) by Victoria Mews:

  • Victoria Mews is In the process of developing a RPR and currently working with an Infection Prevention Consultant.


Implementation of PPE Inventory, supply of cleaning and disinfection products and hand sanitizer plus stockpiling of PPE has been accomplished by Victoria Mews.


Reporting to the NHSN Program has been accomplished by Victoria Mews.


Implementation of Visitation Protocol by Victoria Mews:

  • Visitor restriction and screening, including specific policies, have been implemented and communicated to families, staff and residents via written material, emails and in person and are available for viewing.


Implementation of separation of Covid-19 positive residents and negative residents by Victoria Mews:

  • Victoria Mews offers only individual suites and apartments and there is no sharing of suites between residents (couples cohabiting/married are an exception to this)


Indoor, End-of-Life, Compassionate Care, and Essential Caregiver visitation is allowed for residents, based on written protocols and policies. Policies are communicated to residents and families in writing, in person and by email.


Lessons Learned from the Response and Experience with Covid-19:

  • Management of resident placement – no cohorting, individual suites/apartments.
  • Management of PPE supplies – always stockpile and prepare for the worst.
  • Management of Cleaning supplies – always stockpile and have sufficient number of vendors.
  • Management of staff and staffing levels – have more contracts with agencies, bonus pay.
  • Contracting with an Infection Preventionist – accomplished in June and hired.

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Victoria Mews Assisted Living
Victoria Mews Assisted Living

, and is allowed for residents, based on written protocols and policies. Policies are communicated to residents and families in writing, in person and by email.

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